What value can one expect from the Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship?

When we enroll for a professional education program, we have certain expectations from it. We definitely expect to learn something practical, that would help us achieve success after completing the program. 

The question is – can you expect this from Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship (TLF)?

The TLF program is designed to prepare students to become leaders in the organizations that they will be part of, with a strong grounding in technology. The students will become true problem solvers and develop the ability to design solutions for some key societal and business problems.

Who is a technology leader?

When we think of a leader, we first think of someone who can empathize with others. The empathy has to be balanced with the ability to inspire and impact others with authenticity, and leading teams by being with them. As an example, Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest leaders of modern India, displayed empathy with the masses. Focusing on the fact that they wanted the freedom to live and express ideas without violence, he led by example, living simply and holding marches to represent the common people of India.

In the world of technology, the only way a technology leader can inspire other technologists is through similar credibility and authenticity. For this, they have to first have a clear understanding of the technology area that they will be part of. At the same time, to be a thoughtful leader, they need to fully appreciate that technology is a tool and not the answer. Thus, they have to have an end to end understanding of how appropriate technology needs to be chosen, and how that technology can be appropriately used to create an imaginative solution in the context of the problem being solved. 

Considering the same leadership traits, they need to be able to empathize  with the users of the solution, and mold the technology to address the needs of the users. Finally, they need to engage in the practice of bringing a solution oriented team together to achieve the team’s goals.

How is TLF unique?

The fundamental purpose of the TLF is to create inspired technology leaders who can imagine as well as develop solutions. Every technology topic will be taught by continuously making connections on how to use the knowledge.

The TLF program aims to help students develop their ability to design and develop solutions with a clear understanding of how to approach the key aspects of functionality, performance & scalability, ethics & safety, legality, security, and affordability.

All courses will run between two to six weeks, so that students have the chance to have an immersive experience of learning at the pace required in today’s world.

Which courses will be taught in the TLF Program?

The TLF program will start with providing adequate exposure to a current technology area, so that students understand how to harness latest advancements. The core technology areas chosen for the 2019-2020 TLF program are Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

To start with, students will go through the following pre-requisite classes:

  • Essentials in Python programming for AI-ML
  • Review of Mathematics needed for AI-ML

To help design solutions to solve real world problems, students will be taught to think differently through the following courses:

  • Design thinking
  • Engineering ethics

The technology core will be covered through the following courses:

  • Data Science and Machine Learning – I (incl. Information theory, Decision trees, Predictive models and Cross validation)
  • Data Science and Machine Learning – I Project Lab
  • Data Science and Machine Learning – II (incl. Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing)
  • Data Science and Machine Learning – II Project Lab
  • AI systems: Data tools, distributed systems, cloud computing, performance management

The extended technology topics will cover areas of end to end systems and applications through the following courses:

  • Human Computer interaction
  • Designing user interface
  • Cybersecurity
  • Bioinformatics
  • Internet of Medical Things

A continuous thread that will run through the program will be the process of self-development of students so that they can unleash their potential. This will be made possible through concentrated courses covering the following areas:

  • Efficiency of self
  • Building an ethical core
  • Being one of many
  • Storytelling
  • Writing

As the students learn about the technology tools, TLF is going to provide sustained exposure to today’s challenges, through the following:

  • Lecture series on grand challenges
  • Lecture series on real world challenges

The topics of this lecture series will cover environment, agriculture, health and finance, taught by practitioners and experts in these areas from the academia, government and industry.

This will be followed up by making students go through an entrepreneurial journey of designing a company to design and develop solutions for today’s challenges rightly, through the following twelve week long course:

  • Challenge Lab

The Challenge lab will provide the students the opportunity to test their skills in the areas of: Problem identification, telling the story, learning to solve problems and applied approach to technology.

To round off the experience of the students with an external exposure, students will have the opportunity of working with a Professor at a University on a funded research project or with a company on a relevant project over a period of 12 weeks with the goal of 8 weeks on-site with a project mentor, under the following course:

  • Industry / Research Capstone
What is it the value one expects from The Tech Leaders Fellowship program?
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What is it the value one expects from The Tech Leaders Fellowship program?
The TLF program is designed to prepare the students towards becoming leaders in the organizations they will be part of, with a strong grounding in technology. The students will become true problem solvers and develop the ability to design solutions for some of the key societal and business problems.
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